Where Is Online Poker Now?

9 years after “Black Friday”, online poker is more solid than ever before. More markets joined forces to create a stronger poker platform, such as in Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. However, more US states have decided to take a step forward and legalize poker. Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania have already done so.

Last March, West Virginia became the 5th state within the US to legalize online poker, and more may follow. There are several other states that are filing bills to also join the other states to legalize online gambling. For these reasons, the future of online poker has never looked better.


We’re already seeing it. Online poker is the next boom! Of course, people have gotten used to online poker, so in a way it doesn’t feel as significant as it should be, but it’s an essential part of the poker world. Casinos still offer poker rooms and tournaments, but there is the increasing popularity of online poker games and tournaments. They are not only convenient but extremely viable.

Cryptocurrencies and Poker

It was only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies took over the online gambling world. There are now an increasing number of online poker sites accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment gateway option. However, there are also poker sites which have been built exclusively around cryptocurrencies.

It’s a match made in heaven.

WHY Is Cryptocurrency Poker so Popular?

Firstly, poker players get faster cashouts with cryptocurrencies than with any other payment processors. Normally, poker sites take around 48 to 72 hours to process cashouts, but with cryptocurrencies, this isn’t the case. It’s almost instantly!

Secondly, cryptocurrencies poker sites are capable of offering better rewards to their players due to lower transactional fees/costs involving cash outs and deposits. Lower fees appeals to more players also; and thirdly, cryptocurrencies allow poker sites to offer complete anonymity to their players. Recreational players can be protected from professionals which makes the playing field level somewhat.

Also, all transactions with cryptocurrencies are encrypted and therefore the chances of manipulations are close to none. This helps to give more peace of mind and enables players to feel at ease during play.

Finally, it is a lot less complicated and cheaper to open a cryptocurrency account and fund it than opening a bank account. That’s why people look to poker with cryptocurrency payment options. 

We all know it has been a bumpy road for online poker and online poker players. However, despite it all, the future of online poker has never looked brighter or more promising.

  • Once segregated markets are gradually opening their doors to more open legislation.
  • The same goes for the Asian market as it has gradually become an important factor in the online gambling industry worldwide.
  • The US is also gradually adding more and more states. The online gambling industry it´s a beast of closely $30 billion a year. Just imagine how much tax the US government had lost by making online gambling illegal all these years?
  • Cryptocurrency impact on the online gambling industry will help it reach close to $90 billion by the year 2024.

Bottom line is, the time has never been better to be an online poker player.

If you are an active poker player on the fence about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-based poker sites in general, it is our recommendation to give cryptocurrency poker a stronger consideration. Leave all prejudices aside and make an unbiased and objective analysis and you will come to the same conclusion as we…CRYPTOCURRENCY POKER IS THE NEXT ONLINE POKER BOOM!